Lora boldly stands for principle



Lora participated in her first candidate forum last night at Troutdale City Hall.  Lora has never run for public office and she was pitted against Troutdale’s best and brightest.   Lora stole the show.  Not only did she bring some fresh perspective to the old boys club, she was the only one who showed any independent thought, and the only one who stood up for principle on difficult issues.  Out the gate Lora made friends of foes with her personal style and her ability to put complex issues into every day language.   Over the course of the evening, she repeatedly defended liberty calling for accountability and downsizing at Metro.  With respect to development, Lora supported enterprise zones and creating a green and friendly business environment.  On the controversial casino project, Lora was the only candidate who stood for equal opportunity while the rest patronized the crowd with horror stories of alcoholism.   With respect to the decline in personal safety we have experienced, Lora was the only one with the guts to speak to the impact that low income housing projects have had on our community, and she is the only one who spoke against the police bond, the pet project of the current city council.   While everyone supported public safety and most went on and on about how the new station is their top priority, none showed a correlation between a new building and improved public safety (because there simply is none), and no one but Lora even seemed to understand why crime is on the rise.   How ironic that the city council caused the decline in safety by social engineering density in Troutdale, and today make a career out of selling us more police and now police stations to fix the very problem that they knowingly created.  With respect to a new station, Lora argued that, although a new station will be necessary some day, asking the community for an expensive new house during this economic recession sends a really bad message to voters, a message that shows how out of touch government is with every day people.   Frankly, Lora was also the only candidate who seemed to have spent any time with regular people, and she was the only candidate to speak out on behalf of those whose homes are in foreclosure, and those with limited and fixed incomes.    In short, she was the only candidate who seemed in touch with the larger community, and the only candidate brave enough to speak plainly on difficult issues. 

Troutdale will be lucky to have someone like Lora on the city council.  Lora definitely brings fresh perspective, and she is truly independent.  The city council really does need a mother to make them mind, and Lora is perfect for the job. 


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