Enterprise drives job creation. Period.


An exerpt from the Oregonian Voter’s Guide:  What can we do to get this country working again?

Enterprise drives wealth and job creation. We need a national competition strategy that makes America the boldest enterprise zone in the world, lowers the cost of doing business today, and seeks to attract and keep businesses (and manufacturing) large and small. Let’s compete on the world stage and win real business and real jobs. Let’s lower business taxes, encourage research and development with tax credits, drive down health care costs through interstate competition and consumer choice, pass immigration reform that attracts more talent, and stop the fiscal insanity in Washington. Rather than look to enterprise, Mr. Blumenauer promises more wealth transfers and unsustainable government make-work. Earth to Mr. Blumenauer. These are the same failed and unsustainable policies that are crippling us today. At best you promise to build a little more train track for your friends but you offer us nothing to stop the national train wreck you are engineering.

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