Health Care is still the issue


We asked Mr. Blumenauer about his and Mr. Obama’s health care bill, in person, when he was out at Bumpers a little while back.  He told us that we wouldn’t even know what is in the bill for another four years, but we can count on rising costs, loss of personal privacy, and loss of individual liberty through government mandates.  Most importantly, we know that it will fail to deliver cheap, quality health care, that meets the growing demand and lowers the total cost.  As I told the Willamette Week, we have to commoditize health care or the long term costs are going to kill us, but the only way to do that is through interstate competition and more consumer choice and control.  More competition always delivers better services at lower costs.  Consumers will demand it, and they will get it.  Look around you.  Let’s start fixing the problem now and not just wait for it to get worse.

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