Sustainability is a principle we understand in Oregon. We often apply it to the environment, but it applies to our social and economic systems, including government, as well. Unfortunately, our current course of government is not sustainable. We are trading our independence and freedom for unsustainable entitlements and foreign entanglements.  A train wreck is coming. Government solutions are not the answer to our problems, but a sustainable and innovative government that defends individual liberty is essential.   We must start to empower the young and unleash innovation today while defending the nation with a sustainable foreign policy. Principles matter.  A free society depends on principles of independence, life and self defense, liberty and accountability, and privacy and social tolerance.  If we don’t agree on basic principles, we will never agree on long-term solutions. Free enterprise is self sustaining and leverages human creativity. Free enterprise inspires innovation and job creation which produce wealth and economic growth. Free enterprise has done more to promote freedom and well-being than any other system. 

Join me and others who want more freedom, fiscal responsibility, and social tolerance.  The long road back to sustainability starts here. 

Don’t let the King’s men fool you.

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