Thank you for standing with us and congratulations!


Thank you everyone who voted for us and supported us.  Special thanks to my wife Lora, who defended me against all comers and prevailed.  Thank you to my children, Mike, who carried Liberty’s banner at Saturday Market and on Independence Day in Corbett; Rob, who carried Liberty’s banner at Pride, Freedom Fest, and Independence Day; Asia and Bryson, who carried Liberty’s banner at Salem Tea Party, Benson Reloaded, and Independence Day; Lexa, who carried Liberty’s banner at St. John’s Parade, Pride, Freedom Fest, Independence Day, and Teddy Bear; Rachel, who carried Liberty’s banner at Independence Day and Teddy Bear.  Thank you Anna and Bill for bringing class.  Thank you Chris for helping when I needed it most.  Thank you Richard for your practical insights.  And thank you Mindy for keeping us both out of jail . . . so far.

Congratulations to all the winners!  To all those prevailed not, we extend our appreciation and admiration, with special affection for our friend in liberty Mr. Marc Delphine.

We look forward to the next time.

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