Jeff calls for a truce


Calling all reasonable republicans and reasonable democrats!  Its time for a truce so we can get this country moving in the right direction.    Let’s not let either side declare partisan victory in District 3.   Let’s start here and show the rest of the country that it can be done.  It’s time for us all to give a little. Remember, the vocal far left and far right are NOT going away; so be brave.

I’ve learned so much during this campaign.  I’ve been forced to really analyze all of my views on different subjects and apply a fresh degree of objectivity in my analysis.  I’m still learning to be sure, but I’ve had to swallow my pride on some issues that I’ve been just plain wrong about.  Here are some examples.  I’ve always been a strong supporter of the military and the “carry a big stick” approach to national defense.  I still am, but along the way, I have not taken seriously enough President Eisenhower’s warning to beware the military industrial (and congressional) complex.  The reason?  Because those on the progressive far left have always used this argument to support positions that, in my opinion, undermined the national security of the United States, denying that defense is clearly a constitutional responsibility. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons that I have generally voted for republicans over democrats, believing that the far left is willing to destroy this great country in pursuit of power over her.   Well, I still feel that way about the progressive far left,  but I’m now just as convinced that the far right is willing to destroy this great country in pursuit of power through unsustainable foreign entanglements  in order to feed the military industrial complex.  What is a voter to do?  In a divided and highly polarized two party political  system, we are forced to take sides whether we like it or not.  And once we take a side, it’s really hard to change.   My dad, for example, was a lifelong democrat from the Eisenhower, Truman, and Kennedy line.  He hated Reagan til the end, even though on an issue by issue basis he agreed with Reagan on almost everything!   

Most of us on both the left and the right pick a party because of the issues that are most important to us, and once we make that selection we’re stuck with that party on all their issues whether we agree or not.   Then, because we become vested in our party, we lose our ability to even see it objectively while we think we see the other party plainly.   And, the more bitter the disputed issue, the more entrenched we get in our politics and the more vested we get in defending our party at all costs.  And this is exactly what the major parties love because it enables them to collectively brutalize the citizenry with the worst that each has to offer, and it makes it almost impossible for an incumbant to be defeated.  We have too much personal investment in them to throw them out!!! 

Well, this is exactly why we need strong third party candidates now more than ever.    Let’s face it, partisan republicans and partisan democrats are NOT going to vote for the other side, even when their own party is patently wrong and out of touch.  This is a real catch 22 problem because there is evil lurking on both sides.  Don’t kid yourself.  Both parties are controlled by the same special interests.  Doubt it?  Then ask yourself what the President is doing in Afghanistan.

So, I’m reaching out to Americans of all parties and asking you to support me, the Independent/Libertarian fusion candidate,  in District 3.   In the past, the republicans have failed us and needed to be turned out, but this time it’s the democratic leadership who has gone too far.  The good news, however, is that we can turn out the incumbant in District 3 without giving the republicans a victory they have not earned and do not deserve.  

I am committed to finding the common ground that binds us all, and basic libertarian principles of sustainability and tolerance are a good place to start.   The major parties are prepared for an all-out-take-no-prisoners-winner- take-all-war, where we throw the baby out with the bath water and replace one tyrant with another.  But there is another option this time in District 3.  We have to take it while we still can.  The alternative is not sustainable. Vote Jeff Lawrence.

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