Farewell to Privacy


I was coming home through the San Jose Airport last week after some business meetings in Santa Clara and had the misfortune of experiencing a full body scan for the first time.  I didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late.  I was ordered to stand with my legs apart and my arms raised over my head like some kind of criminal.  I turned and asked the security officer if they were looking at me naked.  He simply replied, “not me”.  I was outraged and humiliated and told the officer so.  He said if I have any issues with it, I should take it up with my congressman.  Good idea.  Earl, are you listening?  I won’t voluntarily subject myself to that again, and plan to do everything I can to avoid it.   How can the employers of people like me expect us to kill ourselves travelling the world, paying high taxes, and getting humiliated and treated like cheap entertainment in a peep show? 

While the full body scan is an outrageous violation of personal privacy, it only magnifies the theft of individual liberty that already takes place in airport security.    This has got to stop.  We are so afraid of violating someone’s  individual’s rights that we violate EVERYONE’s individual rights instead.  What have I done to warrant a full body naked viewing by government officials?  What have I done to be treated like a common criminal and be subjected to such humiliation?  Where has our respect for privacy and decency and individual liberty gone?   And its only going to get worse, especially if we keep putting folks like Mr. Blumenauer in office.  He believes that the government should control all aspects of our lives, and that any government action is warranted if its for the health and safety of America.  Which, of course, brings us to the greatest threat to our personal privacy that we face today:  the complete government takeover of health care.   Do you want the government owning your medical records?  Do you want the government making life and death decisions for you?  Do you really want the government in charge of your health care and your personal privacy?  Count me out.

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