Half a Measure 74


It is the progressives who originally brought us prohibition, and it is the progressives who keep it in place.  As a policy, prohibition has failed miserably and created an organized army on our border (strike 1). Progressives have also done their best to eliminate the consequences for our choices, effectively socializing individual consequences, and effectively sanctioning organized crime (strike 2). But even more invasive and harmful to the public good, prohibition violates and mocks individual liberty and our sacred right to pursue our own lives and take responsibility for our own actions (strike 3).    Measure 74 is an attempt to put a little more water into a glass near empty, but it is only half a measure at best.   Its time to end prohibition and put the people back in charge of their personal lives and their personal privacy.  Punishments should always fit the crime, and you shouldn’t have to be marked by the government to pursue your own happiness, whether I agree with you or not because its none of my business as long you respect my privacy too.

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