Some of the big issues


Here are some thoughts on some of the big issues facing us.  We are where we are.  We can thank both the Republicans and the Democrats for the mess that we are in.  Let’s chart a better course. Let’s be principled and pragmatic and inclusive.   Let’s be fiscally responsible and socially tolerant.  America needs third party representation now more than ever.  Don’t let the king’s men fool you.  A little leaven will go a long way.

  • Sustainable federal budget to free our children and restore confidence and capital to job creation
  • Innovation policies for sustainable job creation through free enterprise
  • Fair trade restored using tariffs, trade agreements, exports, and currency policy
  • Social security trust managed toward real wealth accumulation, long term sustainability, and individual empowerment
  • Health care reform that empowers individuals (not employers) and uses vouchers and interstate commerce to drive competition and innovation
  • Reform special interest government through flat/fair tax, ear mark voting, and real incentives and opportunities for third party candidates
  • Protect personal privacy and eliminate wars on victimless crimes
  • Remove government from family determinations and eliminate special class treatment
  • Enforce immigration laws with guest visa programs simplified for labor and talent
  • Bring troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan with honor and downsize global policing
  • Energy independence with environmental accountability
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