Sustainability and Tolerance


Candidate:  Jeff Lawrence Fusion,  Independent Libertarian

Occupation: Director, Global Content Policy, Intel Corporation.

Occupational Background: Enabling sustainable business ecosystems (e.g. DVD, Blu-ray, UltraViolet), driving innovation policies, and running a multi-million dollar service business; practicing business, intellectual property, and natural resources law.

Educational Background: University of Washington, BA, Cum Laude, PHI BETA KAPPA; Brigham Young University, J.D., Magna Cum Laude, Order of the Coif.

Prior Governmental Experience:  Advising on media and content policy, innovation, and sustainable systems.  No public office.

My family.  My wife Lora and I have lived in Troutdale since 1991.  We have five children.  Lora has been an active public school volunteer, and I serve on the Board at a local charter school.  Both of us want a sustainable future for our children.

Sustainability.  We usually apply this term to natural resources, but it applies to government as well. Today, we are a nation on an unsustainable course. We must balance our budget again, build real wealth within the Social Security system, transform healthcare through competition and innovation, defend our borders while welcoming legal immigrants, and bring our troops home with honor.

Tolerance.  We’re people first – not Republicans, Democrats, or anything else. We’re neighbors in a free society where the rule of law must protect us all and punishments must fit the crime.  We must respect diversity and protect individual liberty.  Tolerance and privacy are essential for us to live together in a sustainable society.

Upgrade Your Congressman.  I’m not looking for a new career, but I am willing to risk mine to help make this country better. I bring the business experience so lacking in Washington today, along with problem solving skills, a fresh perspective, and twenty years of experience making things happen on a global scale.  I understand how free enterprise drives job creation and how important good government is to our safety and well-being. I will tell you the truth and defend our children’s future.  Join me.  Vote sustainability and tolerance.


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