Earl dodges Jeff and the Teddy Bears



I was on my way home from Washington D.C. last Friday when I ran into Senator Wyden and Representative DeFazio.  We had a nice discussion waiting in line for the plane to board.  As we boarded, another passenger noted that Earl was also on the flight.  I looked around but couldn’t see him anywhere.  On boarding, I turned to the left toward my Seat 1A.  I looked to see if Earl would be along.  I actually thought for a minute that we might share a row and have an opportunity to chat on our long commute home.  Like Ralph and Sam, we all deserve some time off the clock.  Anyway, I looked and looked and didn’t see him.    After take off, I got up to get my bag.  Guess who was just a few rows back of me?  He must have been miserable all the way to Portland, especially every time I got up for whatever reason.  When we landed, I turned and said, “Congressman, its nice to see you”, but he ignored me and scrambled off the plane as fast as he could cut the line to escape.   I chatted briefly with Senator Wyden after deplaning, and headed home.  When I got to the car, my wife told me about the reporter who had apparently been assaulted at the Kitzhaber event.  We are right to fear those in power, and those who crave power.  But we cannot let our fear paralyze us; we must stand bravely in defense of  life, liberty, and privacy, our divine and inalienable rights. 

On Saturday, we forgot about politics for a little while and joined with republicans, democrats, and everyone else celebrating at the Teddy Bear Parade in Gresham.   I thought that Earl might join us, but he apparently had more important things to do.    More important than teddy bears?   Lora and I made a lot of new friends, including “mom”, who said she was  inspired to register again to help us bring fresh light to government.  Of course, everyone loved the teddy bears.  It is the simple things in life that make us feel better and give and us hope.  

Photos courtesy of Steve Lents,  LentsPhotography.com

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