Goodbye Earl


Goodbye Earl

Jeffrey T. and Lora were the best of friends

After their high school days

They married early and they started a family

In the traditional way

After graduation they went out to Portland

Looking for a bright new world

They looked all around District 3

And all they found was Earl

It wasn’t too long after Earl got elected

That they started getting abused

He loves high taxes, credit card maxes

And telling us what to do

When he finally got to health care we asked for divorce

Let the law take it from there

But Earl walked right through our restraining order

And put us in intensive care

Right away Jeffrey T flew in from DC

On a midnight red eye flight

He held Lora’s hand and they worked out a plan

And it didn’t take them long to decide

That Earl needed fired.

Goodbye, Earl

Those black-eyed peas, they tasted all right to me Earl

Aint it dark, all wrapped up in those TARP funds, Earl?

When the cops came by to take Earl in

They searched the House high and low

Then they tipped their hats and they said thank you D3

If you hear from him let him know

Well the weeks went by and spring turned to summer

And summer faded into fall

And it turned out Earl was a missing person

Who nobody missed at all

So the kids bought some land and a road side stand

Out near Highway 26

They sell Oregon jam and live off the land

But they don’t lose any sleep at night

Cause Earl needed fired.

Goodbye, Earl.  
We need a break.

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