The Home Stretch: Still undecided?


Just a few days left in this election cycle.  If you are still undecided, maybe it is because you are tired of the Democrats and the Republicans, just like I am.  Maybe they are both starting to look the same to you, and you feel like it doesn’t matter which of the two you vote for.   Maybe it is because they have both become corrupted over time and neither represent you any more.  Maybe its time to be independent and think outside the box.   

We are in it to win it.  But make no mistake, we are not the message, we are the messenger.  Our message of sustainability and tolerance is resonating with voters across the district.   Our enterprise approach to job creation rings true and  is clearly distinguished from Earl’s job destroying big government message.  We can feel the momentum building.  Earl committed to debating, but he continues to hide from the people.   His refusal to debate is understandable.  He knows that his ideas are weak and that they cannot stand in the market place of ideas.  He knows that he must hide from you the voter to protect his precious special interest political career.  He does not care that you have a right to see the candidates side by side.   He does not care that we have come a great distance to stand against him face to face. Controlling the information that you have access to and thwarting the democratic process is second nature to him and the interests he represents.   But he cannot hide.  As the representative of big government in this race, accountability awaits him on November 2.

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