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Thank you for standing with us and congratulations!

Thank you everyone who voted for us and supported us.  Special thanks to my wife Lora, who defended me against all comers and prevailed.  Thank you to my children, Mike, who carried Liberty’s banner at Saturday Market and on Independence Day in Corbett; Rob, who carried Liberty’s banner at Pride, Freedom Fest, and Independence Day; […]

Farewell to Privacy

I was coming home through the San Jose Airport last week after some business meetings in Santa Clara and had the misfortune of experiencing a full body scan for the first time.  I didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late.  I was ordered to stand with my legs apart and my arms raised over my head […]

Health Care is still the issue

We asked Mr. Blumenauer about his and Mr. Obama’s health care bill, in person, when he was out at Bumpers a little while back.  He told us that we wouldn’t even know what is in the bill for another four years, but we can count on rising costs, loss of personal privacy, and loss of individual liberty through government mandates.  Most […]

Enterprise drives job creation. Period.

An exerpt from the Oregonian Voter’s Guide:  What can we do to get this country working again? Enterprise drives wealth and job creation. We need a national competition strategy that makes America the boldest enterprise zone in the world, lowers the cost of doing business today, and seeks to attract and keep businesses (and manufacturing) […]

Innovation is the Answer

  Homo sapiens are innovators and builders by nature, programmed by our creator to use our talents and abilities to survive and advance.  We are innovators and undertakers of great challenges, rivalling the ants and bees and other industrious species on this planet.  Without mandate, we build hospitals and schools and undertake other praiseworthy work.  In […]

Sustainability and Tolerance

Candidate:  Jeff Lawrence Fusion,  Independent Libertarian Occupation: Director, Global Content Policy, Intel Corporation. Occupational Background: Enabling sustainable business ecosystems (e.g. DVD, Blu-ray, UltraViolet), driving innovation policies, and running a multi-million dollar service business; practicing business, intellectual property, and natural resources law. Educational Background: University of Washington, BA, Cum Laude, PHI BETA KAPPA; Brigham Young University, […]

Some of the big issues

Here are some thoughts on some of the big issues facing us.  We are where we are.  We can thank both the Republicans and the Democrats for the mess that we are in.  Let’s chart a better course. Let’s be principled and pragmatic and inclusive.   Let’s be fiscally responsible and socially tolerant.  America needs third […]

Jeff’s Vision in Oregonian Voters Guide

I set out a vision for prosperity in the Oregonian Voters Guide.  We need a real American work out and a real competition strategy.  We need to make America the boldest enterprise zone in the world.  Compare my vision with Earl’s, side by side.  Then you decide who has the vision, passion, and results oriented […]


Sustainability is a principle we understand in Oregon. We often apply it to the environment, but it applies to our social and economic systems, including government, as well. Unfortunately, our current course of government is not sustainable. We are trading our independence and freedom for unsustainable entitlements and foreign entanglements.  A train wreck is coming. Government solutions are not […]

Face the Future: Education

Education is an important topic for all of us.  I have five children, three in college.  My kids have always attended local public schools in the Reynolds School District (Troutdale Elementary, Walt Morey Middle Schoold, Reynolds High School), the only exception being two years of public school in Maihama, Japan, just outside of Tokyo.    (We know what its […]

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