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October Events

October 1,  Happy Birthday Sheila! October 2,  Raider State Campaign October 3,  Greek Festival October 5,  Jeff Lawrence Meet and Greet, Pinkerton Home October 9, Candidate Forum, Boring Grange October 11,   Candidate Forum, Troutdale City Hall October 16, Canvassing October 23, Canvassing October 30, Canvassing November 2,  Election Night Party

Face the Future: Fusion

As the anxious majority in this country try and find their way to a long term political home, fusion voting may be a helpful tool.  In Oregon this year, candidates have the opportunity to seek not only the endorsement of other parties, but also the banner of that party as well.  Those of us in […]

Independence from Special Interests: Campaign Finance

One issue important to independent voters is finding ways to empower ordinary citizens more, and lessen the influence of special interests in, elections.   Independence from special interests is a worthy goal.  How to obtain it is the question.  Before making any specific suggestions, let me share some personal experiences.  I’m not a politician and I’m not from […]

Calling all Independents

I was honored today that the Independent Party of Oregon qualified me to seek the party’s nomination for Oregon District 3 in the United States Congress.   I look forward to meeting each of you and earning your trust.  The Founders declared Independence first, and the Independent Party of Oregon represents that spirit to me and many others.  I hope that you […]

Benson Debate Videos

Watch Jeff tackle a variety of issues from Tort Reform to the Constitution regarding Health Care.

Pugs Against the Machine!

You gotta stand up!

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