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Sustainability and Tolerance

Candidate:  Jeff Lawrence Fusion,  Independent Libertarian Occupation: Director, Global Content Policy, Intel Corporation. Occupational Background: Enabling sustainable business ecosystems (e.g. DVD, Blu-ray, UltraViolet), driving innovation policies, and running a multi-million dollar service business; practicing business, intellectual property, and natural resources law. Educational Background: University of Washington, BA, Cum Laude, PHI BETA KAPPA; Brigham Young University, […]

Jeff’s Vision in Oregonian Voters Guide

I set out a vision for prosperity in the Oregonian Voters Guide.  We need a real American work out and a real competition strategy.  We need to make America the boldest enterprise zone in the world.  Compare my vision with Earl’s, side by side.  Then you decide who has the vision, passion, and results oriented […]

Half a Measure 74

It is the progressives who originally brought us prohibition, and it is the progressives who keep it in place.  As a policy, prohibition has failed miserably and created an organized army on our border (strike 1). Progressives have also done their best to eliminate the consequences for our choices, effectively socializing individual consequences, and effectively sanctioning organized crime (strike 2). […]

Earl dodges Jeff and the Teddy Bears

  I was on my way home from Washington D.C. last Friday when I ran into Senator Wyden and Representative DeFazio.  We had a nice discussion waiting in line for the plane to board.  As we boarded, another passenger noted that Earl was also on the flight.  I looked around but couldn’t see him anywhere.  […]

Jeff calls for a truce

Calling all reasonable republicans and reasonable democrats!  Its time for a truce so we can get this country moving in the right direction.    Let’s not let either side declare partisan victory in District 3.   Let’s start here and show the rest of the country that it can be done.  It’s time for us all to give a little. […]

Goodbye Earl

Goodbye Earl Jeffrey T. and Lora were the best of friends After their high school days They married early and they started a family In the traditional way After graduation they went out to Portland Looking for a bright new world They looked all around District 3 And all they found was Earl It wasn’t […]

The Home Stretch: Still undecided?

Just a few days left in this election cycle.  If you are still undecided, maybe it is because you are tired of the Democrats and the Republicans, just like I am.  Maybe they are both starting to look the same to you, and you feel like it doesn’t matter which of the two you vote […]

My pompous ass

Willamette Week and the Oregonian both endorsed Earl Blumenauer this week, and I was shocked!  WW did a detailed and substantive analysis of the issues and concluded that I’m just a pompous ass with a pony tail.  Other than the fact that WW doesn’t know the difference between a pony tail and french braids, WW […]

Jeff catches Earl at Oregon Trail Democrats Picnic

I had an opportunity to catch up with Earl today at the 8th Annual Oregon Trail Democrats Potluck Picnic at Meinig Park Pavilion in Sandy.  Lora and I were invited to come out and hear the Congressman along with AG  John Kroger and Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.  The food was great and we were treated […]

Soaring with Eagles not Republicans

I attended the Soaring with Eagles event on Saturday.  There were a lot of really nice people there, and we especially enjoyed seeing some of our friends from Oregon 912  and the Abigail Adams Project.   The food was great and the agenda lively, but  “Booring Republicans” tarnished the day.   The gracious hosts provided plenty of good cover, though, and […]

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